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In 2006

In 2006
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Video source:The Departed, X-men: The Last Stand, Lady In The Water, Beerfest, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Idlewild, The Mari
Music:Trailer Original Of Cinemax - Trailer Original Of Cinemax
Genres:Action / Other
Video parameters:1920x800 H264 (4345 kbps)
Audio parameters:AAC
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Date added:23.06.2021

Sorry, my English is not perfect.
This video is based on an original Cinemax trailer from 2007.
First of all, I made this video because I liked the trailer I saw many years ago and it is in poor quality on the internet, so I decided to remake it in high quality.
I had a hard time getting some movies which is why I finished this video in almost 2 months. I couldn't get the movie Idiocracy and instead put scenes from the movie Paprika which is from the same year.
Movie used: The departed, X-men: the last stand, Lady in the water, Beerfest, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the beginning, Idlewild, The marine, Paprika, The black dahlia, Waist deep, American dreamz, Accepted, Fearless, The wicker man, Pan´s labyrinth, Superman returns, Miami vice.
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DanTheMan - 03.07.2021 в 13:52  
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ive not seen the trailer that you were inspired by but it all seemed a bit all too repetitive for my taste tho i dig most of that vibe
good job
thats a solid 4 out 5
sLove Key5 - 29.06.2021 в 21:19  
0 | 0
MrAuditore96 - 29.06.2021 в 19:14  
1 | 0