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The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Video made for the Anime Weekend Atlanta AMV Pro contest 2011 (Best Drama). Any kind of source was allowed that's why I used this very stylish cartoon.
It's a student animated short-movie from The Workshop Animation school (Denmark). The video source was only 10 minutes long so I didn't put a lot of effort here.
Just retelling the story with choosing a good song to fit the best with the ambiance of the source.

Creation date: 2011, August 15th
The Party

The Party

Music video made for Japan Expo International AMV contest 2011 (Paris). Ranked 5th.
I am a fan of the works of Saman Keshavarz who created few awesome music videos. When he released his music video trilogy on the Midnight Club EP by Russ Chimes, I decided to edit one of the 3 songs. But I thought it could be interesting to do AMV trilogy with 2 others editors. I talk about it with Nostromo and Reznic because I knew they like this kind of music (and Nostro actually knew already this band before so that was a good opportunity to do it).

Russ Chimes Project:
- Part 1 (Nostromo) :
- Part 3 (Reznic) : - coming soon -

Midnight Club EP:
30 A.D.

30 A.D.

Video made in 3 days for the contest Soul's Team Iron Chef 7. And send it for the CreaCon at the last moment because I realized it was not an anime ^^

If you thought Jesus 2000 was blasphemous (remember the thread on AMVnews...), then don't watch this one.

The resolution is quiet small because it's not possible to find a good version of Judas 1 Jesus (except if you buy the DVD).

If you want to watch the entire short movie:


Main link : censored version
Alternative link : uncensored version

Nota: the censored version is in better quality (a little) and I prefer this one actually, I think the editing is better during the "live girl" sequence.

I did an intentional mistake in the title because THC is the active substance of cannabis.
About the video, I tried to keep a view in the first person during all the video. I got this idea after viewing the amazing music video "Massive Swerve". And I decided to combine with some live action videos which use the same technic (Smack my Bitch up by Prodigy, Luv Deluxe by Cinammon Chasers).
About the sources, very few serious japanese animes have sequences into a nightclub. That's why I had to use other kind of sources (especially non-anime and live).

Anime : 13%

Amazing Nuts - Global Astrolinou, Black Lagoon, Dead or Alive 3 (game), Gankutsuou Le Compte de monte Cristo, Ghost talker Daydream, Michiko e Hatchin, The TV show

Non-anime : 74%

Funky Cops, Jesus2000, Lascars, Look (Sebastien Tellier music video), Massive swerve, Orgesticulanismus, Street Battle, Waltz with Bashir, Wonderful days (it's corean despite it looks like japanese animation)

Live : 13%

Luv deluxe (Cinammon Chasers music video), Smack my bitch up (Prodigy music video), Babel (movie), Requiem for a dream (movie), Sheitan (movie), The Dancer (movie), 99F (movie)

Studio 37 (ident)

Damn, my video got less than 50 % of anime. The AMV editors will be angry

Anyway try to enjoy it.

Thanks to Nostromo for the audio mix.
Thanks to Trampler, ThePooh - I didn't know he was a judge when I sent him my beta ><, Gilou_senior, KP (for the ban) and Aya.
Soldiers of the Future

Soldiers of the Future

Автор клипа: SnowCrash

# Participation:
Клип - финалист Japan Expo 2009

* Crysis
* Dark Void (game)
* Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
* Gears of War (XBox)
* Gears of War 2 (Xbox360)
* Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
* Halo Wars
* Hellgate (game)
* Killzone 2 (PS3)
* Lost Planet (game)
* Lost Planet 2 (game)
* Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
* Starcraft 2 (PC)
* Starcraft: Ghost
* Tiberium (PS3)
* Timeshift (game)