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20.12.2015 in Видеоклип W.U.T | (Warframe)  
not bad
11.06.2013 in Видеоклип A Place in Mind | (Alice: Madness Returns)  
why only 1 min ........
11.06.2013 in Видеоклип HEAT | (mix)  
11.06.2013 in Видеоклип Infernal | (Mix)  
I really like this one
16.02.2013 in Видеоклип N7 | (Mass Effect 1,2,3)  
Good ! some parts could be better but i like mass effect so.... i like your video
anyways glad u're back 5
19.08.2012 in Видеоклип Doomsday: Lost Home | (Mix of 40+ sources)  
Good luck for keep your 1st place next year =)
this year you win
31.07.2012 in Видеоклип Home | (The Tortured)  
Good even if this is a little too long with this kind of song in the end
26.07.2012 in Видеоклип Delirium | (Dorian Gray)  
Interesting, there are a good editing even if i think this could be more better
21.04.2012 in Видеоклип Welcome To Aperture | (Portal 2 Trailer)  
It was funny and pleasant to watch, 4.5
12.01.2012 in Видеоклип Burning Shadow | (Alexander, Apollo 13, Avatar, Black Hawk Dawn, Elizabeth, Gladiator, Tro  
It was pleasant to watch
12.01.2012 in Видеоклип Up: Love | (Up)  
It's simple but pleasant to watch
09.01.2012 in Видеоклип Death Zone: Lost | (Mirrors, The Descent, Hostel, Necromentia, Dark Floors, Insidious, Ris  
Very Cool video
04.01.2012 in Видеоклип Emotion vol.2: Hard | (Black Swan, The Midnight Meat Train, Se7en Etc.)  
it's so....special,
too short for me, in the end, it's began to be interesting..... but it was the end .......
03.01.2012 in Видеоклип Preacher with one bullet /Проповедник с одной пулей | (Rango)  
Good one x)
I like the Old film effect's combinaison with the western
The lips sync at 1.28 isn't well manage .......
26.12.2011 in Видеоклип Invasion | (28 Weeks Later)  
Boring ......
14.12.2011 in Видеоклип Dark Space | (Dead Space 2)  
The first scene is too long..... The TV effect is dirty and not well managed
There are Some inconsistencies
But interestings syncs deserve to be noted
14.12.2011 in Видеоклип Love Fortress | (Team Fortress 2)  
funny clip x)
But some colors are badly encrusted
14.12.2011 in Видеоклип One Of The Last Emotion | (Star Wars Episode 3)  
this could be better, not well managed.....
In the beginning, action scenes on low song.........
the particles are useless and dirty....
12.12.2011 in Видеоклип 1408-Panic Room | (1408)  
Really not bad, but i think with much rythmics this would be better
11.12.2011 in Видеоклип inMotion | (Mix)  
Not Bad, but this is no consistency sometimes .....
However there are good scenes choices
04.12.2011 in Видеоклип Hurry Up | (Sucker Punch)  
C'est vraiment pas terrible darkelion, ta qualité est pourri (dédoublement d'image etc), le mélange image musique est vraiment bof
on a même l'impression qu'il y a pas de montage, vraiment bas niveau
01.12.2011 in Видеоклип Obsession in a coma | (Horror Videomix)  
..... not very interesting
06.10.2011 in Видеоклип The Undertaker | (The Backwater Gospel)  
I really like your video Snowcrash, the watching's feeling is fucking good,
Silent Hill 3 Ost + Backwater Gospel
27.09.2011 in Видеоклип Bonus | (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)  
this clip is good and funny But for me that misses something for i appreciate it totally
14.09.2011 in Видеоклип Riders | (That's It, That's All)  
j'ai beaucoup aimé ton mmv, mais malgré ça défois y'a y un gros manque de dynamisme, et de maîtrise
tes transis sont défois trop brusque etc
mais j'ai bien kiffé
3.5 ^^
24.07.2011 in Видеоклип Лондон против всех | (Mix)  
It's not bad, but there are no subject in this clip, so this is too random....
GG for the transitions, sometimes, it's badly manage (ex: 1.10-1.14)
23.07.2011 in Видеоклип Chaos | (Killing Floor)  
........... 1
14.07.2011 in Видеоклип The Party | (Clichés De Soirée, Dance Central, Batman Beyond, Tokyo Tribe 2)  
like it snowcrash
18.06.2011 in Видеоклип Evolution | (Azureus Rising)  
ouais ça c'est la feignantise --' ..........
09.06.2011 in Видеоклип Starkiller | (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2)  
It's too slow compared to the music ....

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