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23.04.2011 in Видеоклип Exit To Nowhere | (Vanilla Sky, Butterfly's Effect, The Eye, Awake, Sincity)  
23.04.2011 in Видеоклип Emotion | (Mr. Nobody/Requiem For A Dream/Awake)  
13.04.2011 in Видеоклип 30 A.D. | (Judas & Jesus, Jesus 2000)  
haha awesome! though i doubt there was anything new in this vid, point is that source iz the best part in this video not the edited result. still 4.5 to this vid
10.01.2011 in Видеоклип Traffic | (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi)  
If i havent seen the movie "koyaanisqatsi" and heard philip glass' audio performance for the movie I'd just say that you're a fucking genius =)) yet only thing i can say right now that I like your mind building. its quite aromatic.

Написал Artofeel 10.01.2011 at 18:05

Написал trampler 10.01.2011 at 18:05
Гм, я писал автору то, что возможно поможет ему делать клипы лучше (или посмешит, тут уж от настроения зависит).
Лучше? хм..а, это когда индивидуальное мнение задавливается массовым.

every individual opinion is formed by communication/experience therefore you cant be so protective about your own opinion since you can not actually have something worthy if you think that the society you're against contains non-worthy opinion, that's because your very opinion about that was formed after interacting with it and sharing your mind with it.

Sadly these days people don't get the shit like that and piss me off with their pathetic theories and ideals... though of course if you're idealist and in which case i consider you as an angry imbecile then you may flow with any river you want...

5/5 bishes
25.11.2009 in Дельфин - Надежда (Constantine)  
great job 5/5 from me! i was about to loose interest in these videos here
25.11.2009 in Massive Attack - Teardrop, Scorpions - New Generation (I, Robot)  
well done 4/5 from me o.-
25.11.2009 in Theatre Of Tragedy - Black As The Devil Painteth (Avalon)  
is that all you've got ? |: