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19.10.2012 in Видеоклип Madagascar Style | (Мадагаскар, Мадагаскар 2, Пингвины из Мадагаскара)  
Haha very good parody.
I don't know about this guy but I guess he got the same idea as you:
The sequences are quiet different so i don't know if he really copy or not your video. It was uploaded the 11th of october and your the 7th. So I don't think he copied you ^^
16.01.2012 in Видеоклип Death Zone: Lost | (Mirrors, The Descent, Hostel, Necromentia, Dark Floors, Insidious, Ris  
Wow that was really better than your trailer Oo
The trailer was to gore for me (good editing but a bit disguting sometimes ^^)
This video is actually pretty smart: you mix cleverly the main story of Mirrors with the other horror movies. And you didn't put a lot of bloody scenes in it.
And the using of calm and intense parts of the music is really efficient.
Good job Norlack
20.10.2011 in Видеоклип Zutara - Lost Then Found | (Avatar The Last Airbender)  
The texts keep a too long time on the screen. You got too many strange effects in your video. I am not a big fan of this one.
11.10.2011 in Видеоклип The Undertaker | (The Backwater Gospel)  
The combination of the music with the source is as well a part of the work of the editor
04.10.2011 in Видеоклип The Undertaker | (The Backwater Gospel)  
Yes I retell the story (like I said in the description). I did this video in 3-4 days. And no, I don't use a lot of effects (none is this video). But does that mean we need to put effect to make a good video ? I don't think so. I think the most important thing is the combination anime/music. If the music fit perfectly the source and if the editing is good, we can already get a good result. Apparently there is a video on your forum called "work for the undertaker" with some shake effect. The video is nice and different of mine but finally we have the same scenes because the source is really short.
I read some other comments about cheated sources but what does that mean ? Just because we used an unknow source, we get a better result and people are impressed ?
I remember the video of Nostromo, Galaxy bounce on a OAV (only 20 minutes long) and nobody say it was cheated (it was still well edited but with almost no effect, Nostromo don't use After effect at all). But it was the beginning of using the source Pale Cocoon.
So I know my video is simple but I don't feel like puting 3D effect or whatever in it.

I just want people appreciate to discover an unusal source which fit with a good music.
28.09.2011 in Видеоклип over 9000 | (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)  
Haha difficult to have 2 music videos on Scott Pilgrim in a row.
Anyway like I said before your video got my preference over the Archer and Smok's one.
I think the editing is maybe more simple but really easier to follow.
I particulary appreciated the sequence at 0'45.
Good job.
27.09.2011 in Видеоклип Bonus | (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)  
That's a good music video but the shake you used during all the video was really annoying for watching it.
That's why I prefered the video of Vidok which is IMHO better edited.
11.08.2011 in Видеоклип First Love And First Blood | (Van Helsing, Underworld)  
Good idea to mix Van helsing and Underworld. The storytelling was interesting =)
04.08.2011 in Видеоклип Wipeout | (Wipeout)  
A bit too repetitive but I laugh a lot in viewing this video XD
So I think the video could be less repetitive if it was shorter.
31.07.2011 in Видеоклип M&Ms | (Собственное видео)  
Very original stop-motion video despite the first half of the video is a bit boring.
But from 1'17, you are using the stop motion in a more interesting way (on the floor) and the viewing is getting more absorbing.
30.07.2011 in Видеоклип The Power of Game | (Mix)  
That was actually a very good GMV.
Better than the beta test I did few month ago
28.07.2011 in Видеоклип Лондон против всех | (Mix)  
I think this trailer cut is a very strong and solid music video. There is a lot of work about the choices of sequences and especially your transitions which are quiet awesome. I really enjoyed them : this is the best part of your work and I appreciate that.

Now i think there is a (very) little problem with your video. Ok you got a very good synchro in it but it's almost always the same during all the clip: cut, cut and cut. It actually doesn't bother me to use only cuts but I think there is no variation enough in your editing.
For example between 1'09 and 1'16 or 1'49 and 1'55, the music rhythm is slowing down a little but you are still keeping the same kind of cuts. Maybe some longer sequences with more internal synchro could have been "smoother" for the viewers.

But anyway, it's still a very enjoyable trailer cut. And it deserves a strong 4.5/5

Good job.
28.07.2011 in Видеоклип Chaos | (Killing Floor)  
I am sorry but this video is very very boring. The same thing during these very long 4 minutes.
Kill, monster, chainsaw, zombies, demons, blood...
Completely uninteresting.
It looks like a simple (long) video of gameplay.
At least there is no technical mistake, but otherwise nothing.
20.07.2011 in Видеоклип The Party | (Clichés De Soirée, Dance Central, Batman Beyond, Tokyo Tribe 2)  
Написал S.A. Robert 19.07.2011 at 17:23

Написал Mister Colt 19.07.2011 at 17:23

Клип понравился, только не пойму почему он здесь, а не на ньюсе?

Исходники не аниме.

Oh yes, if I upload my video on Amvnews, the users over there will troll it :
"w00t, this is NOT ANIME, go away !!!" XD
12.07.2011 in Видеоклип The Party | (Clichés De Soirée, Dance Central, Batman Beyond, Tokyo Tribe 2)  
dashad, your avatar is very... h... nice.
11.04.2011 in Видеоклип Amelie: The Plague 2 | (Amelie)  
This is fucking awesome O_o
It's just incredible to make such a new version of movie without effects an other stuff !
12.01.2011 in Видеоклип Emo-exacerbé | (Various)  
Написал trampler 07.01.2011 at 20:03

Зачем эти штуки по углам на протяжении всего клипа?
А так, исходники крутые, да. Ну как всегда.

Trampler, I asked some explanations to the author about it (because I disliked these things in the corner it as well).
Actually the concept of the video is the following : you are inside the guy who wears the astronaut helmet (like a FPS if you prefer). And some scientists are doing experiments with him.
That's why at the end you can hear : "Let me out of here."
That is the plot even if I think these corners spoiled the images of the clip
07.01.2011 in Видеоклип Emo-exacerbé | (Various)  
07.01.2011 in Видеоклип 30 A.D. | (Judas & Jesus, Jesus 2000)  
I am not sure but today is Chritmas in Russia ?
If yes, so I should be sorry XD

PS: Check the video at 1'30.
07.01.2011 in Видеоклип 30 A.D. | (Judas & Jesus, Jesus 2000)  
Don't expect too much of an IC music video. And I agree the source delivered some good reviews. But this video is not extraordinary. I had just some fun to edit it.
And Turbo adviced me to send it to your contest

Ho and did you get the private joke in this video ? ^^°
27.12.2010 in Видеоклип Странное рождество | (Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor)  
WTF O_____O
I just discover this anime (yes it's japanese - Franz Kafka's Inaka Isha by Koji Yamamura) which doesn't look like an anime.
24.12.2010 in Видеоклип Poison | (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Ferngully The Last Rainforest)  
Your video proves we can do awesome things with Disney works.
Good job. It was really an intersting video.
12.10.2010 in Видеоклип Luv Deluxe | (Live Action)  
I think the last images we can see are just the last memories of the main character before he died.
06.10.2010 in Видеоклип The Walking Dead - Opening Titles | (The Walking Dead (Comic))  
Написал narutomaniac 06.10.2010 at 15:18

просто афигенно)

в продолжение)

Whoaaa I didn't know that the 1st chapter was animated
Thanks for the link !

But I am a bit worry about the TV adaptation of The Walking Dead.
Hope it will be good ><
06.10.2010 in Видеоклип The Walking Dead - Opening Titles | (The Walking Dead (Comic))  
When I discover this "M@D" (which is not properly a mad actually) on youtube, I was thinking : "the russians have to discover it as well !"
So just a little upload and that's it ^^

For people who don't know The Walking Dead, I strongly recommend you to read this awesome comic (you can find easely english scans, but I don't know if there is any russian publisher or not).
If you read the manga/anime High School of the Dead (which sucks!), forget it and prefer it THE WALKING DEAD, best zombies comic ever !

Ah and of course : 5 for the video (but why it's so short T_T)
09.09.2010 in Видеоклип The Apple Tree | (Трейлеры к фильмам)  
That was a cool video. I liked this kind of trailer cut (like N15 for example).
Of course it's a bit long and random, but I don't care because it's actually a trailer cut, so don't look after a story here, but rather an atmosphere.
20.08.2010 in Видеоклип Death Zone (trailer) | (Hostel; Hostel 2; House Of Wax; Mirrors; The Descent; Wrong Turn;  
I told you when you show me this trailer before : it's a very efficient one.
Of course horror movies are not my cup of tea but your scene choice is really good. I really like the introduction (with "mirrors").
I think we got a new very good video here with Psychopath and Reunion.
Waiting for the final video even if I am not sure to be able to watch the entire video XD
01.08.2010 in Видеоклип carrousel | (Various Animation Sources)  
Hehe, I recognized the polish source you suggest me for nigTHClub ^^
About your video, the music is quiet... very noisy ^^°
Not a big fan because of the music especially.
17.07.2010 in Видеоклип Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids | (Mix)  
It was ficking hilarious.
Epic win \o/
14.07.2010 in Видеоклип Game Imagination | (God Of War 3 , Uncharted 2 , Marvel Vs Capcom 3 , Split Second , Final  
You've done a good synchro in your video.
Unfortunately it's too random : so many different kind of games in 1 minute (the link between Deus Ex and Naruto ). It looks like a trailer cut but the editing is a bit weak. The synchro is good but not the editing.
But i will wait for your next videos

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